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Mobile website and Apps

The world is going to be Mobile. Are you ready?

Codespot develop mobile websites that render perfectly on mobile devices (smartphone). Our services assure you find the right mobile web solution and increase your sales with a mobile-optimized website.


What is a mobile optimized website?

Traditional websites are optimized to fit on large desktop monitors, mobile website interface is scaled and optimized for small screen display of handheld devices meaning that the sites are faster and more specific so that your customers can get the information they need quickly, with less scrolling and clicks ensure a quality user experience.


Benefits of a mobile website

  • Reach more customers

    A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers and drive conversions.
  • Portability and connectivity

    A mobile website can be accessed anywhere, any time on any mobile or smart phone.
  • Legible content

    Web users expect their mobile experience to be as good as their desktop experience. With a mobile website, user interface looks better. Suit all sizes of mobile screen and offers legible content.
  • New navigation experience

    Mobile version will give your customers a new way to navigate through multi-touch functions. Navigation structure will be more user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Access to new features

    A mobile website allows you to immediately engage users with mobile-specific features such as touch-to-call & mapping functions. With a simple tap, customers will instantly be connected to your business.
  • Easy to share link

    Mobile website can be easily shared between users and found on search engines.
  • Faster download speed

    Mobile websites are designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed, which means less waiting and more browsing.
  • Competitive advantage

    Your mobile website ensures that you capture visitor attention while you have it. If your website doesn't look good on a smartphone users will move on to one that does.
  • Get priority in mobile search

    Having a higher priority and a better chance of appearing much higher in search results.
  • SEO optimization

    Increase business search engine listings and rankings.

The trend

Mobile is going to win the battle with traditional computers. The below statistical data shows the growth of mobile usage:

  • Nearly 1.2 billion mobile phone owners have online browsing by using their cell phone
  • Mobile devices account for 8.49 percent of global Website hits
  • There are over 940 million mobile web users
  • 65% of mobile web users have read product reviews on their cell phones
  • 35% of mobile web users make purchases using their smart phones